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  • Domain Registration. When you order domain name registration and web hosting, we don't guarantee the availability of the domain name you want to register. We currently don't have an automated program where customers can check the availability of the domain name themselves, so CarmenBohol.com will check the availability and register the domain name requested. In case where domain name is not available, we will notify you by email so you can give us another domain name(s). You may also go to some domain checker program if you want to check the domain name yourself.

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  • Illegal Activities. Illegal activities such as hacking and accessing private files is extremely prohibited. These activities includes but not limited to the following: no proper authorization or illegally accessing computers, accounts or networks, penetrating or attempting to penetrate security measures, port scans, stealth scans, using or stealing passwords or other form of passes to access accounts that are not yours or you are not the authorized person to access, and other activities performed to assist in illegal access to files, computers, etc.

  • Illegal Activities. Child Pornography, illegal drugs, alcohol, illegal gambling, prostitution, foul languages, discrimination, disrespectful of other human beings and other illegal activites are prohibited. We will remove any kind of materials that are stored, posted, displayed, transmitted, advertised that we believe contains these type of illegal activities, and we will notify law enforcement agencies regarding such occurrences as required by law. We don't monitor our client's web sites and their activities and it may be impossible for us to tell if any of these customers is engaged in any illegal activities. In any circumstances, that such activities are ongoing and is/are brought to our knowledge and attention, we will take action and correct such violation, we will also notify the proper authorities. To correct, stop and discontinue any illegal activities we may implement, but not limited to, shutting down a website, denying access to the services or to the web sites, and/or removing information. CarmenBOHOL.com reserves the right to take any such action due to illegal activities/operation even though such action may affect other customers of our customers. Proper action will be taken against our customers or a customer of our customers indulging in illegal activities or who violates any of the rules and regulations. We may disclose any information in its possession, including, without limitation, information about our customers, internet transmissions and website activities in order to comply with a proper authorities laws and regulations, court order, evidence reports, warrant, to protect CarmenBOHOL.com or others from harm, and/or to ensure that we can properly continue with our business and operate our services. CarmenBOHOL.com is not oblige to notify any person, including our customer about whom information is sought, that our company has provided the information.

  • Intellectual Property Rights Violations. Any violation of any person's intellectual property rights, rights of privacy, rights of publicity or other personal rights is prohibited. As required by law, CarmenBOHOL.com will remove or block access to content appearing on or through the services that violates intellectual property rights upon receipt of proper notice of copyright infringement. Any third party advertisement that violates the law of Intellectual Property Rights is not our responsibility and we will try to give notice to such advertiser(s) about any complaints/notice we may receive. CarmenBOHOL.com use dummy samples and created new files all through out our web site, files, projects, or company documentations. Any unexpected similarities of our properties to yours are purely unintentional and are not created to the purpose of harming anybody or violating/stealing any Intellectual Property Rights of others. In cases like this, we may correct any dummy samples or files we have if we are in the position to do so, or we may ask you to correct any affected properties that are believe to be own byCarmenBOHOL.com. You are prohibited to use any parts or portion of our files, web site without the proper consent from our company.

  • Any statement in this article that use we/our/ours refers to CarmenBohol.com . Any statement in this article that use you/your/their/them refers to but not limited to a customer(s), advertiser(s), the web site visitor(s), surfer, or any person who explore/come or whom we invite to CarmenBohol.com , our site and services.

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